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A Healthy Alternative to Ineffective Weight Loss – Using HCG

If you were to pick out any weight loss plan that’s both popular and effective, you’ve probably found a method known as the HCG diet. This program has been available for several decades, but has only really taken off with people in recent years. The reason for this is the development of oral forms of the hormone’s administration, which have opened up the diet to many more people who couldn’t afford it before or otherwise were unable to use it. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gondatropin, and is found in women during pregnancy or their monthly cycles. This hormone was found through chemical analysis in numerous clinical trials to directly interact with the brain of patients. It “talks to” the hypothalamus gland of the brain, boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite directly. This is one of the only substances know to do this, and the results are tremendous when it’s taken. Not only can people lose weight and burn it off more quickly, but they’re far less hungry and sticking to a reduced calorie diet is a lot easier.

The introduction of HCG drops has been just the boost needed for this diet program and its long term success.  People can take the drops orally rather through the more traditional daily injections, which has led to many people succeeding in this program have that have poor success in the past.  You place the drops under your tongue and hole them for for at least 30 seconds.  This method is just as effective, but cheaper and easier.  The standard HCG diet plan, which is 500 or 700 calories per day, still applies to this, however, it’s been proven in studies that people lose significantly more weight with this method than they would just dieting alone.

Power Through Weight LossThe dietary changes of the use of this hormone are fairly straightforward.  It’s broken down into 3 specific phases, each with their own goal in mind for users.  Phase one of the diet lasts for 2 to 3 days and a person gorges on foods which are high in fat and low in carbs.  This helps to enlarge the fat cells within the body allowing for more easy consumption later during the dieting phase.  Phase two is the low calorie diet, either 500 or 700 calories per day, with some fairly strict limitations on food intake.  This varies depending on which plan the person selects, but has been shown in many studies to work well either way.  Typically two servings of vegetables for lunch and dinner along with a protein serving (lean proteins like fish, chicken or sirloin permitted).  Phase three is the maintenance phase and can last indefinitely, for as long as the person wants to maintain the weight they’ve lost on the protocol.

What You Can Expect From This Program

The HCG diet typically produces significant weight loss in users.  Studies have been conducted to find out how reliable this is, compared to say just dieting alone.  Recently it was verified that using this hormone and cutting calories will increase your weight loss by around 400% over a placebo and just the diet.  As such, it’s a very effective program.  Typically 1 to 2 pounds per day is lost while on the diet, and this is significantly more than would otherwise be possible.  However, not all HCG drops are created equal.  Unforutantely due to this diets large popularity many fakes have been introduced into the market, such as homeopathic or hormone-free suppliers.  These products contain alcohol and clearly do not contain even a single molecule of the hormone.  When you’re searching for real hcg drops, it’s quite easy to spot them.  For example, a product similar to will not contain alcohol, will require refrigeration, and will also clearly indicate it’s dosage it provides in IUs per day (international units, which are the standard way to measure HCG).  This is fairly easy to spot compared to the fakes out there.

HCG is a powerful solution to weight gain, and can offer some unique benefits not found in any other treatment.  It is important, however, to ensure what you’re getting is real HCG drops and not fake or homeopathic.  It may be difficult to find such products, and they will be more expensive, but well worth it for these great benefits that go along with them.

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  1. Everybody goes through a plataeu. The good news, if you keep to the protocol you are still losing inches. Try an apple day to try and get things going again. People want to continue losing at the same rate they do the first week on the protocol but that is rare. Especially for women.